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NCCG ePayments Portal

Print a receipt for a transaction

Make sure all inputs are correct.

Correctly fill in the form below to continue.



Common questions

How do I create an account?

    How do I create an online account?

    Follow the following easy steps while creating an account with NCCG portal

  1. Click here or the sign up option on the navigation bar.
  2. Fill in the form that appears correctly.
  3. Click on the create button to finish account creation.

What services can I access?

    What services can I access?

    You can pay for the following services using any of our ePayments platforms

  1. Parking (daily parking, seasonal parking and offstreet parking including payment of parking penalties).
  2. Single Business Permit(It includes business registration and renewal of business permits)
  3. Rent payments (for houses and markets stalls).
  4. Land rates (you can pay your annual land rates and penalties).
  5. Food handlers certificate (health department)
  6. County bills eg court fees and every other bill created at the county

I have forgotten my NCCG portal password. How do I recover my account?

    I have forgotten my NCCG portal password. How do I recover my account?

    Follow the following easy steps when trying to recover a forgotten password for an existing account.

  1. Click here or on the sign in link on the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the forgot password link that is located immediately below the password text box.
  3. Enter your email address on the available field then click get password.
  4. A 4 digit PIN will be sent to the phone number under which the account was created and you will be redirected to the login page.
  5. At this point you will be required to enter your email address and the PIN as your new password

Can I make payments via bank transfer? (RTGS / EFT/ Pesalink)

    Can I make payments via bank transfer? (RTGS / EFT/ Pesalink)

    Yes, you can print a bill for all services except daily and offstreet parking to be used at any NBK Branch

Can I pay for county services without necessarily opening an ePayments account?

    Do I need an account to pay for the services?

    Only parking and County bills services are available without an account. Kindly create an account to get the best experience on the portal.

What are the current daily parking charges?

    Daily parking charges

  1. Please click here and select the parking zone and vehicle type to check the current parking rates.

How can I get to know more about NCCG?

    Get to know more about Nccg

    You can contact NCC Contact Centre on telephone 0793072903

How do I pay for services that are not listed on your ePayments platforms??

    Paying for unlisted services

    Follow the following easy steps so as to pay for unlisted services

  1. Visit the cash office located at City hall
  2. While with the teller, describe what you would like to pay for
  3. A bill will be created for you
  4. Pay for your specific bill using the web portal on the County Bills section

  5. Map View of city hall location

Pending Bill payment

Click here to complete payment

Pending Registration fee payment

payment procedure

Follow the following payment procedure in order to complete the payment

  • 1). Wait for a payment pop up on your phone.
  • 2). Enter your M-PESA pin and click OK.
  • 3). An MPESA confimation SMS will be sent to you.
  • 4). Wait for upto 45 secs as we process your transaction
Kindly follow the following instructions to pay for your parking penalties.
  • 1). Go to the M-PESA menu on your SIM Toolkit
  • 2). Under the Lipa na M-PESA option, select Pay Bill and enter 367776 as the business no.
  • 3). Enter as the account no.
  • 4). Enter KES as the amount
  • 5). You will receive a confirmation SMS that your payment has been received.
  • NCCG Parking Penalties

    Fill in and remember to double check details to avoid any errors.

    Correctly fill in the form below to continue

    Pay via:

    Confirm your Transaction details

    Parking penalty details

    Plate number

    Total :

    NCCG ePayments Platforms